Saying goodbye…

A most beautiful soul reached the end of her earthly existence three weeks ago. Layla, a beautiful, loving feline lived with me from an infant to the age of 18 years and 9 months and I miss her dearly.

For quite a while, I had been acting as her “hospice nurse”… keeping her comfortable and feeling loved. Finally, we reached the point where “it was time”.

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“A weed is but an unloved flower…”

The above quote is by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and I tend to agree. Some weeds are more lovable than others though. When I’ve come across a personally likable specimen, I’ve been known to pot it up or just nurture it where it’s rooted… I know I have my preferences for worthy weeds, but either way, I do my share of trying to remedy their unrequited love they offer up so freely by at least taking their portrait once in a while.

Bidens Alba AKA Beggar’s Tick
Dandelion bud
Wild Violet, Wisconsin
Birdseed Sunflower

Thistle, Wyoming
Make a wish!

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Macro Monday… and FOTD

This gorgeous Passion flower can cover two categories today: Macro Monday and Cee’s FOTD (Flower of the Day)

The “Purple Passion Flower” vine is the host plant for Zebra Longwing and Gulf Fritillary butterflies. In another post I’ll show ZL eggs, caterpillars and their chrysalides. I also have a video of pupation which I’ll attempt to post. Love these exquisite blooms! 💜