Welcome to my wittle world… So happy you found me! Come along as I prepare for and make it through a huge and wonderful transition in Life!

Let me introduce myself… Debby here! I am an artsy, nature lovin’ woman who doesn’t feel my age – most of the time. Ha! I’m retired and still have a lot of life to live. I am presently living in a Florida town that has been my home town since I was in 2nd grade. I never purposely stayed here all these years… it just happened. My two adult children grew up here but have both ended up in Western North Carolina as of this past year. I have been the only family member still living in our home town for the past 8+ years. My daughter’s family has made a couple of moves over the years due to employment opportunities before landing near her brother this past Spring. I’ve missed being near my children and grandchildren so much and have hoped that someday I would be able to move near one or both of them once everyone settled in for the long term. Well, that time has arrived! For my son and my daughter to end up within 45 minutes of each other is not something I even imagined would happen! It quickly became a no-brainer as to what I need to do now.

So… yes! I will be moving up there too! I’ll be selling my home in Florida and moving to NC next year!! After my daughter had moved there, my son told her, “Now we need to get Mom up here!” 💗 He and his wife have lovingly invited me to come homestead off-grid on their land. They have 12 acres about 15 minutes north of Marshall and have been living there off grid for over two years now. I’m absolutely thrilled and can’t wait! (The photo above, taken by my son, is of Shelton Laurel Creek which is on the property.)

Not only will I be transplanting this Florida girl to the mountains of WNC, I will also be downsizing from a townhome to a small log cabin. It has been referred to as an “oversized tiny home”. Technically, what I’m having built is a “tiny home” but really, to me, it’s going to be more of a “small home”. The main floor will be 528 sq ft – including the 10×12 screened porch which I consider living space. It will also have a good sized loft of 133 sq ft. I’m consumed with thoughts about and ideas for this cabin and my new homestead!

So, this journey I’ll be on this next year… preparing for my move north, purging and clearing for downsizing, selling, and moving; land prep for the cabin; settling into my new off-grid home; creating my homestead; sharing my art, photography, writing, and love of Nature with you along the way, and much more… is what I’m inviting you to come along for. Enjoy this ride with me! 💗



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