Silent Sunday…


Autumn… plus a new season of Life!

Happy October! 🍁

There’s something about this time of year – October and early Autumn. I always feel rejuvenated with the change of Season and especially so this October 1st. I am reflecting on Life lived and also on what is yet to come as… exactly 8 months from today, I will be moving from Florida to western North Carolina to live near my children and grandchildren! I am so excited about this transition!

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Lens-Artists Challenge #167: Colors of Autumn

Living in northern Florida, we don’t get as much color change in Autumn as North Carolina where I’m moving in less than a year. My photos for this challenge next year should be magnificent. Can’t wait! It’s early here for much show yet but we do have color changes and of course, plenty of opportunities to watch the leaves fall – which I did this afternoon – but without my camera. My Colors of Autumn photos are just that – colors – but not necessarily 🍂🍁🍂… I always welcome Autumn with much reverence for Mother Nature. 🧡💛🤎

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Wordless Wednesday…

Ok… I lied. This is not really “wordless” because I have to tell this story! On this day in 1983, my one and only Favorite Son was born a premie and weighed 4 pounds, 6 ounces. He was healthy thank goodness, and stayed in the hospital two weeks until he reached 5 pounds. This photo was taken the day he came home. I will always remember how wonderful it felt to hold him. Today, I look up to speak to him… I’m 5’5” and he’s 6’2”. So proud of the wonderful human he has grown into. ❤