Autumn… plus a new season of Life!

Happy October! 🍁

There’s something about this time of year – October and early Autumn. I always feel rejuvenated with the change of Season and especially so this October 1st. I am reflecting on Life lived and also on what is yet to come as… exactly 8 months from today, I will be moving from Florida to western North Carolina to live near my children and grandchildren! I am so excited about this transition!

As of this past Spring, both of my children and their families now reside within 45 minutes of each other – and I will be joining them. This is even more special compounded by the fact that my son and daughter-in-law have invited me to come live on their acreage north of Marshall. I am having a small log cabin built that will be my new home. Yes, I have Cabin Fever – but in a totally good way! As in, my thoughts are consumed with all aspects of this!

I have lived in my current home town since 1962 and have loved being here much of that time. I never planned to stay here all these years – it just happened! There are a lifetime of experiences, memories, and people that I will carry with me in my heart. There’s also a lot of Life left to live – with new experiences and memories to create. It’s been far too many years since all of us have lived near each other and I’m feeling so blessed that this is happening.

So, on this October 1st, I am aware that it’s my last Autumn in these parts and I’m paying close attention. Today, I sat on my back porch and just watched the Sweetgum leaves letting go and floating to the ground each time the breeze picked up. This time next year, I’ll be reveling at the Fall color change in the WNC mountains which is pretty much unparalleled in it’s well known beauty. I know I’ll be enamored and also posting photos of my new surroundings.

I haven’t really said or thought this much since the pandemic began, but today I can say, “Life is good…” 🌄😊


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