Macro Monday…

Eastern Red Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)

Such intricate and beautiful little flowers and a favorite of mine. The Eastern Red Columbine is native to the eastern half of the United States and parts of Canada and Europe. This one is in my yard in north central Florida.

This delicate but showy woodland wildflower has drooping, bell-like flowers equipped with distinctly backward-pointing tubes. These tubes, or spurs, contain nectar that attracts long-tongued insects and hummingbirds. The hummingbirds have to stick their heads into the flowers to reach the nectar. It is reported that Native Americans rubbed the crushed seeds on the hands of men as a love charm. The flowers are edible and can be used as a salad garnish. I was happy to learn today that these flowers are also native to western North Carolina where I’ll be moving next year. The plant was named ‘Wildflower of the Year’ in that state in 1987.


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